Recover Faster From Hurricane Sandy With These Tips

The following includes information regarding damage control immediately following Hurricane Sandy. Erik Braunitzer is a writer for Douglas Elliman, brokers for NYC, Long Island and Hamptons Real Estate.

 Disaster recovery has been a focus in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania ever since Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on the area. The Nor’Easter that followed the hurricane complicated the disaster recovery procedure. Every family should have a disaster recovery plan to minimize the stress and strain of a natural disaster. If you were not adequately prepared for this storm, here are some tips to prepare for the next storm and also recover from the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy:

Restock Your Supplies

Restock all the supplies used during Hurricane Sandy. Water, batteries and non-perishables are the most common items to be replaced. Every person should also have a ready supply of medications for any conditions that would be exacerbated or unbearable if several days were missed. A second pair of eyeglasses is also recommended.

Every home should also have an inventory list of household items. This will help you when you are filing claims. The list should be kept in a safe deposit box. The other should be kept in the home, but it should be stored away from the floor in a waterproof bag or container. If you do this, you will be prepared for future storms.

 Check The Home for Damages

The interior and exterior of the home should be examined for damage. Debris is the most common cause of the damage. When debris is airborne, it can rip off roof shingles, break windows or damage other parts of the home. When the home is compromised, leaks are more probable. Water damage can be problematic and costly. Any water damage should be reported immediately because it could burgeon into mold or a larger problem.

File an Insurance Claim As Soon As Possible

Insurance claims should be filed as soon as possible. Contact your insurance agent to file the claim. Photographs and descriptions are recommended to make filing a claim easier.

Beware of Rogue Vendors

Hurricane Sandy has prompted experts to warn people to prepare for rogue vendors. Rogue vendors attempt to perform work on your home but are not licensed to do so. Every person should check vendors to determine if the vendors are licensed, bonded and insured. If the company is not insured, the company may not be reputable. Vendors may sue the homeowner if they are injured while working on the property. Checking the vendor’s credentials will prevent monetary loss.

 Flood Damage Should Be Filed As Soon As Possible

People who have flood damage should file within 60 days. Sometimes extensions may be granted but do not depend on an extension. It’s best to file within 60 days.  Extensions were granted after Hurricane Irene in 2011.

Accelerate Recovery and Prepare For the Next Disaster  

Hurricane Sandy taught us what we must be prepared. With each storm, we learn how to better prepare. Document the problems you had and supplies you were missing. Then, be certain you those items ready for the next storm.

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