How We Live

The recent issue of  Jersey City Magazine contains a “How We Live” feature story on two of our clients: The Paramount at the Beacon and Warren at York.

2014-08-07_13-20-02According to the magazine, satisfied Beacon new resident Monica Desai, who chose a one-bedroom on the ninth floor, says “It includes an energy-efficient washer and dryer, which allows for less water usage and energy than regular machines; a walk-in closet; and enough space. It has a perfect view of the city and the Freedom Tower directly across. It’s such a beautiful skyline. I can wake up to see the Freedom Tower and the Statue of Liberty.”

Picture1Over at Warren at York, Blair Kurtz and Brian Seeling love their 735-square-foot one bedroom with a bathroom and kitchen/living room with no wall between them.

“It was brand new, which was a novel concept to me, living in the city,” Blair says. “What I love about it is it’s fresh and light and welcoming.”

Check out the full story HERE

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