Full of Character for a Lot Less Rent in Bayonne, N.J.


Our client SilkLofts was featured in the latest New York Times‘ “The Hunt“.

“The building, once a Maidenform factory, had just been converted into 85 loftlike rental units, retaining much of the original wood and brick. The building captivated them. They spent hours looking around, and in July took a 1,200-square-foot two-bedroom for $2,500 a month plus $15 a month each in amenity fees.


Ms. Putman’s commute is briefer than it was, via Hudson-Bergen Light Rail and then the PATH train across the Hudson River. Mr. Jackson continues from there by subway, and plans to experiment with his options once the school year starts.

They both love Bayonne. “It is nothing like Manhattan at all,” Ms. Putman said. “It is really cute, insanely quiet and everyone is so nice and knows each other.” For groceries, they walk to the ShopRite, and for everything else, there is the Bayonne Crossing shopping center.

“Bayonne has that little bit of suburbia that I was missing,” Ms. Putman said. “We’ve become the people who say, ‘We are going into the city.’ ”

Full Article


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