New York Post: Hoboken Grows Up – Jersey Scores

Picture1Today’s New York Post real estate section features our client, Bijou Properties including their newest projects, Park + Garden and 900 Monroe.

Hoboken has become an attractive home for residents of all ages, from infants to empty nesters; the latter have moved to join their children and grandchildren. It offers bang for the real-estate buck, at least compared with Manhattan and parts of the outer boroughs, as well as a small but friendly and active community. Demand is high, but there’s generally been enough housing to go around — at least for now.


Meanwhile, just this month, developer Bijou Properties held its grand opening for Park+Garden, a 212-unit uptown apartment building with eco-friendly features and amenities. Thirty percent of the building is already leased.
In early 2016, Bijou is expecting to begin renting out units in 900 Monroe, an uptown 135-unit building with an automated garage and a sun deck with a pool. The city has also approved several redevelopment plans for different areas of the city, which will ultimately result in new residential buildings and units. 


Read more about Park + Garden

Read more about 900 Monroe

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