HuffPo: Jersey City gallery welcomes the public to experience art ‘THROUGH THE EYES OF AN ARTIST’


Panepinto Galleries, in collaboration with Spear Street Capital, present THROUGH THE EYES OF AN ARTIST highlighting artwork by 56 artists (pictured) from Jersey City, Hoboken, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island and the Bronx. The exhibition will be shown through May 1, 2018.

Jersey City’s Panepinto Galleries recently opened its latest exhibit “THROUGH THE EYES OF AN ARTIST,” featuring the works of 56 artists from Jersey City, Hoboken, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island and the Bronx.

Presented in collaboration with real estate investment company Spear Street Capital, highlights of this must-see exhibition include the the delicate detailed drawings of Dina Brodsky, hard-lined geometric compositions by Ryan Roa, fascinating life-like sculptures of Will Kurtz, realist paintings by Peter Drake, and the abstract oil paintings of Stephen Cimini.

The more than 70 extraordinary works of art showcased in this group exhibition explore the theme of an artist’s perception of contemporary life, while illustrating the vast diversity of today’s art world simultaneously.

“Thrilled” to have one of her photograms featured in the Powerhouse Arts District gallery founded by Stefania Panepinto, visual artist Ann Giordano was one of many that expressed gratitude to Panepinto for the opportunity to showcase their work.


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