NY POST: The origins of New York City’s mysterious fractional addresses


Today’s NY Post includes an interesting feature on New York City’s mysterious fractional addresses which includes our client’s newly-developed townhouse at 267 1/2 Water Street in the South Street Seaport District

By James Nevius – For years, every walking tour I have led in Greenwich Village has taken visitors past 75½ Bedford St., the former of home of poet Edna St. Vincent Millay, long known as the “narrowest house” in New York. The 999-square-foot townhouse last sold in 2013 to real estate investor George Gund IV for $3.25 million. Though passersby marvel at its 9½-foot width and how movers get furniture inside, I’d always been curious about how it received that “½” designation.

The answer turned out to be a little mundane: the home, built by 1873, was wedged into the driveway that stood between Nos. 75 and 77 in order to maximize housing in the booming neighborhood. Because Bedford Street, one of the oldest in the Village, had been numbered years before, the only practical solution was to make the new building No. 75½. FULL STORY

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