Brick Underground: Jersey City vs. Hoboken: Which neighborhood is for you?

The bedroom communities of New Jersey have long been an option for New Yorkers fleeing the city in search of less expensive housing and easy commutes. For many apartment hunters, it makes just as much sense to look in New Jersey as it does the outer boroughs.

But in recent years, New Jersey has become a preferred destination. A couple of factors account for this: rising prices in North Brooklyn and Long Island City, and a surge of amenity-packed new development along the Gold Coast. This has attracted a more diverse and younger population to the Garden State—especially to the waterfront.

The pandemic does not appear to have slowed the surge, either. After a dip once lockdowns began in March 2020—when the entire real estate market sagged, and apartments couldn’t be shown—the trend of New Yorkers moving across the Hudson River has accelerated.

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