industry-profile-picFrom playing at construction sites as a youth to greating luxury high-rises in the nation’s top markets, a real estate and marketing executive’s career parallels the growth and evolution of his industry

via Laura D.C. Kolnoski/ INDUSTRY Magazine

When the real estate market tanked in the 1980s, K. Hovnanian Homes found itself with 100 unoccupied residences in its new development in Mahopac, New York. After a man they brought in sold a dozen in 30 days, the company chairman flew in via helicopter with a bottle of champagne.

“I just told him that if you have a good product, it’s not difficult to sell,” said Gabe Pasquale, who today is senior vice-president of sales and marketing for Landsea Holdings Corporation, demonstrating a “can do” attitude that’s propelled him throughout his career.

Pasquale has sold modest single-family homes to luxury developments, resort homes, and master-planned communities across the country; completing deals for more than 10,000, in fact. Considered a guru in the development and implementation of strategic marketing plans, and the designer of thousands of marketing campaigns, he explained that multiple factors contribute to a project’s success.

industry-pic“Market research, understanding where there is a niche for growth, in addition to appreciating an under-served opportunity within the market are some of the key elements that must be clearly understood early in the process,” he said. “When you hit the bull’s eye for your target market, you know instantly based on acceptance.” He believes a marketing campaign should be visually and intellectually engaging. (“No smoke and mirrors. It should be clear—simple and easy to interpret.”) Pasquale is also a firm believer in knowing and narrowing one’s demographic. Designing “street presence,” a brand name, product square footage, interior specifications, and amenities should alighn with the demographic and target audience.


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